About Mel's Toys

So... What's in your Toy Box?

I created Mel's Toys over TEN years ago because I didn't want to go into a seedy store to buy my vibrators!  My company is based on the exciting possibilities available for you to have fun and romance.  You should feel comfortable asking those questions you wonder about.  Or making sure the product you are looking at is what you really want.

I've heard every excuse, but let me tell you its about enhancing your sex life, your love life, your own life. 

Looking for something?

Home Parties are a great way to learn about romance, different techniques and be comfortable to ask the questions you wouldn't normally ask. Every party I go to, I learn something new and pass it on to you!

The products on this website catalog are a reflection of adult related products designated to cater to the many personalities and tastes of our customers. Mel's Toys is committed to friendly service, fast shipping and product availability. 

I personally Thank You...

For making Mel's Toys your favorite choice for Adult Products.  If I can help you have a little fun and romance or even a bit of kink, I will, just ask! 

 I consider you, our wonderful customers, the most valuable part of our growing business family.

And remember... If you don't see it here, it doesn't mean we can't get it for you. We have access to many other items by manufacturers so we can custom order it for you. Just ask us!

Melissa, Mel's Toys Owner